Our Individual applicants who are paying for their own Police Check enter their name, email address, phone number and bank details when requesting an application. Once we receive this, an ESG team member will send an application to you.

When a team member sends an application to you, you will receive both a text message and an email. The email will have the link to your application. For security reasons, every time you open this application, you will receive a code via text message to use as a password to open your application.

If you have not received an email and/or text message from us, this could be because the email address or phone number was entered incorrectly into our website and is unable to send. Other reasons may be that; our email may have been sent to your junk/spam folder or your server may be blocking our emails.

If you have not received both a text message AND an email within 24 hours of requesting a police check, please call one of our friendly team members on 1300 681 541 or email your details to au@employmentscreeninggroup.com and a team member will contact you as soon as possible.

Please do not request another police check unless instructed to by an ESG team member.