What Is My Position Title and Place of Work?

When applying for a police check for Allambi Care, you should enter the job position and location of the job you are applying for, not the job title you have currently. For example; Job Position: Youth Support Worker, Foster Carer etc. Place of Work: Allambi Care TOWN, STATE (in which you will be working) [...]

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What happens to my information?

The information you provide, including copies of your ID and also your police check results, are protected under Privacy Law. This means, that there are rules about how your personal information is to be used, stored and disposed of. In receiving your police check results, your employer must also adhere to these rules. For more [...]

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How long does it take?

In 80% of cases, police checks that are clear (meaning there is no criminal history) or where there is no name match with a person listed on the National Police Checking Service (NPCS) database, results will be returned within 48 hours of submitting the application/consent form. In cases where a criminal history or name [...]

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