Tip of the Week- Why Police History Checks Can Save You Money.

A Brisbane small business owner recently lost $70,000 in the wake of fraudulent activities by two trusted team members. While the business owner now has the peace of mind of knowing that the crafty pair were charged and convicted for their crimes, what about the next person who employs these two criminals? I doubt criminal convictions will be included in the resumes of these two lowlifes so how will future employers know that they could be making a terrible mistake. It is always hoped that penalties will be a deterrent for people like this, but in many cases, this isn’t so.

Some businesses may be concerned or confused about Police History Checks or they may not wish to appear to doubt the word of the candidate. However, the importance of criminal records checks should not be overlooked. Criminal record checks can protect an organisation from hiring someone who may be unsuitable or even dangerous to the organisation’s staff and reputation. For example, would a small business owner feel confident employing someone who had a previous conviction for fraud if hiring for a position involving EOD lock-up or banking? Would staff be happy to work with someone who had not been truthful on their CV? A quick, cost effective police history check can give you peace of mind and potentially save you thousands down the track. Of course, a police history check is not a foolproof solution to fraud in your business and not all those with criminal history are necessarily untrustworthy, but wouldn’t you rather be informed?