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We are industry experts in conducting National Criminal History Checks (Police Checks) for pre-employment and other purposes, but that’s not where our service ends. We conduct a wide range of employee screening checks and can tailor a package to suit your needs. See our full suite of checks here.

Our state of the art platform, ESG Connect, allows you to process your Police Checks quickly and securely and view the progress of your checks in real time. We can even integrate  with your HR and payroll systems to streamline the process. More information below. Your customer account manager will be available to help any time.




As an Employment Screening Group approved customer, you will have access to our state of the art secure criminal history checking platform, ESG Connect. The beauty of the ESG Connect user interface, is its simplicity.

ESG Connect is designed so you can request police checks quickly and easily, view the progress of your checks in real time and receive, search and view your results securely and with ease. You can access the platform via your desktop, laptop or mobile.

Here are just some of the benefits of signing up for ESG Connect.

  • Secure access 24/7
  • Unlimited users
  • Easy to use and understand
  • See the progress of applications in real time
  • Bulk upload capability
  • No extra cost per check
  • No additional fees or charges


  • Even for your technologically challenged applicants, applying for a police check can take less than 5 minutes.
  • Applicants can use a PC, Laptop, smartphone or tablet to complete their application.
  • This process is 100% online – no printing, scanning or photocopying
  • All data and ID are submitted in a secure session using two factor authentication.
  • Applicants are able to save and exit their application.
  • ESG handles all support inquiries by either phone or email to get the applicant through the lodgement process
  • Identity verification – our trusted DVS service verifies the applicant’s ID.

Our online automated police check process communicates behind the scenes, allowing you to;

  • initiate police checks with a few basic details
  • bulk upload multiple check requests at once
  • check on the status of your candidate’s application at every stage
  • view and/or download police check results
  • search for past check results
  • use multiple search filters for easy reporting



What If An Applicant Disputes The Result?2019-09-03T00:08:54+10:00
If your Applicant disagrees with their police check results, they have the right to formally dispute the accuracy of the check outcome in whole, or part. If they choose to dispute the police check result, you must first contact Employment Screening Group and request an NPCS Dispute Form.

The applicant must include as much additional information as possible on the form including an outline of the particulars that are under dispute. For example, attach any evidence that you have to prove that the information is not correct eg. An airline ticket to prove that you were in a different location at the time the offense was committed.

Once the dispute form is received, Employment Screening Group will forward a copy of the form to ACIC.

ACIC will then ask the police agency that holds the disputed police history information to investigate the dispute. If, on completion of their investigations the police agency believes the result was released correctly, they will advise ACIC of this outcome and ACIC will advise Employment Screening Group.

If the police agency believes an incorrect result was provided, the police agency will provide ACIC with the updated result.

Can I View The Progress Of My Checks?2019-09-02T23:39:42+10:00

The answer is yes.

In the portal you will see a live view of the progress of each criminal history check you process.

You will also see when the last time the criminal history check was opened by the applicant.

Can I Bulk Upload Criminal History Checks?2019-09-02T23:37:10+10:00

The answer is yes.

It is very simple to upload bulk criminal history checks in our portal and we even give you a template in which to use.

The template can be download straight out of the portal.

What Is The Sign Up Process?2019-09-02T23:32:53+10:00

What is the Process of registering for National Criminal History Checks?

1. Complete registration form

2. One of our experts will contact you should you have any questions

3. We send your details to the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) for approval

4. Once we receive your approval from the ACIC we create an account and issue logins to our portal.

What are spent offences?2019-11-22T05:58:40+10:00
When a criminal conviction is ‘Spent’ this means that a sufficient amount of time has passed since the conviction. Spent offences do not have to be disclosed to any other person including when applying for a job. A standard National Police History Check (NPHC) will not include spent offences. Different jurisdictions in Australia have varying laws regarding what constitutes a spent offence and when they must be disclosed.

In NSW, Spent Convictions Legislation does not apply to people working with children or other vulnerable people. This means you must disclose all offences when asked. You are required by law to disclose all offences including spent offences.

“Many of our customers have been with us since we opened our doors almost 10 years ago. In my view, that speaks volumes about our service levels. We haven’t always had the technological capability or scope of some of our larger competitors, but its our focus on customer care, being willing to go the extra mile, that has helped us build customer loyalty.”

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