If your Applicant disagrees with their police check results, they have the right to formally dispute the accuracy of the check outcome in whole, or part. If they choose to dispute the police check result, you must first contact Employment Screening Group and request an NPCS Dispute Form.

The applicant must include as much additional information as possible on the form including an outline of the particulars that are under dispute. For example, attach any evidence that you have to prove that the information is not correct eg. An airline ticket to prove that you were in a different location at the time the offense was committed.

Once the dispute form is received, Employment Screening Group will forward a copy of the form to ACIC.

ACIC will then ask the police agency that holds the disputed police history information to investigate the dispute. If, on completion of their investigations the police agency believes the result was released correctly, they will advise ACIC of this outcome and ACIC will advise Employment Screening Group.

If the police agency believes an incorrect result was provided, the police agency will provide ACIC with the updated result.