I Did Not Receive a Text Message and/or My Application Via Email

Our Junior Adventures Group applicants who are applying for a Police Check enter their name, email address, phone number and job description when requesting an application. Once we receive this, an ESG team member will send an application to you. When a team member sends an application to you, you will receive both a [...]

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What Is My Position Title and Place of Work?

When applying for a police check for Allambi Care, you should enter the job position and location of the job you are applying for, not the job title you have currently. For example; Job Position: Youth Support Worker, Foster Carer etc. Place of Work: Allambi Care TOWN, STATE (in which you will be working) [...]

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What If An Applicant Disputes The Result?

If your Applicant disagrees with their police check results, they have the right to formally dispute the accuracy of the check outcome in whole, or part. If they choose to dispute the police check result, you must first contact Employment Screening Group and request an NPCS Dispute Form. The applicant must include as much additional [...]

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What Is The Sign Up Process?

What is the Process of registering for National Criminal History Checks? 1. Complete registration form 2. One of our experts will contact you should you have any questions 3. We send your details to the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) for approval 4. Once we receive your approval from the ACIC we create an account [...]

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What happens to my information?

The information you provide, including copies of your ID and also your police check results, are protected under Privacy Law. This means, that there are rules about how your personal information is to be used, stored and disposed of. In receiving your police check results, your employer must also adhere to these rules. For more [...]

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What are spent offences?

When a criminal conviction is ‘Spent’ this means that a sufficient amount of time has passed since the conviction. Spent offences do not have to be disclosed to any other person including when applying for a job. A standard National Police History Check (NPHC) will not include spent offences. Different jurisdictions in Australia have varying [...]

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